How Empathy is used in therapy

We all know what empathy is—the ability to recognize and understand other people’s thoughts and emotions. Empathy is our way of helping others by seeing the world in the eyes of another. This way, you’ll be able to truly understand their feeling without bias. In this article, we’ll learn how empathy is used in therapyContinue reading “How Empathy is used in therapy”

Which is better, empathy or advice?

The journey of life is filled with challenges, problems, and road blocks that prevent us from achieving our dreams. Because of these problems, some of us will have a hard time navigating our lives and will seek others’ attention and care. When you’re one of the people who gets approached by a friend with manyContinue reading “Which is better, empathy or advice?”

What not to say to someone with anxiety

Mental health is one of the most important aspects of our life that is most likely neglected. Unlike physical health, the deterioration of the mind is harder to recognize because it is still not talked about in society. Sadly, in this century, the rising number of mental health-related illnesses should create a wake-up call thatContinue reading “What not to say to someone with anxiety”